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Factors to take into consideration before doing exterior painting.

Painting your home will make it look more attractive. It complements the physical outlook of your house. There are many challenges when painting the exterior of your house. It needs a careful planning before starting the whole process. However, for this to be successful, there are some things you have to do to make sure that the whole process turns out successful.

1. Quality over price

Good quality paints may be expensive but long lasting while on the other hand, cheaper paints turn out to be of quality and tend to crack quickly once dry or may require repainting in a few months or years. Repainting being costly, its preferred to purchase the expensive lot with good quality to save you money in the long run.

2. Mother nature.

A paint requires plenty of time to dry well. This means that you should plan earlier by considering the weather patterns of your locality. The best season to do exterior painting is when there is little or no rain for the paint to dry up quickly and as desired.

3. Prep the landscape

As you know, painting is messy. Before starting any painting, you should ensure to cover the flowerbeds, bushes, garden and everything in sight where painting should be done. Cover them with a drop cloth. Those that can be moved should be moved and kept till the painting is over.

4. Combine cans and paint.

paintWhen purchasing paints, there is a chance that they will be of slightly varying colours. This normally happens when the purchase is done from different stores and at different seasons. To ensure that the colour of your paint is uniform, combine all of them in one gallon, bucket or can and mix. This will ensure a consistent colour from the start to the end.

5. Paint from top to bottom.

Drips are a must when doing the painting. The drips may form other streaks on top of the painted colour if you are painting from bottom to top. Hence, it’s imperative to start painting from top to bottom to avoid making mistakes during the painting process.

6. Seal it off

After the work is done, ensure to close the paint firmly to prevent it from drying out. To be rest assured that it will not dry out, you can use plastic cloth and cover the can at the opening for a firm seal.

7. Sand and wash

When a surface is dirty and rough, paint won’t cling onto it. You should allow the paint to dry up. This way, it will be easy to sand the dry paint because it can peel off. Sanding and washing the surface will create a solid surface for the paint to adhere or cling to.

8. Paint doesn’t adhere to rotten siding

Rotten sidings cannot be painted because they cannot allow the paint to adhere but instead continue to worsen. Instead, replace the wood with better ones that have a firm surface and sand before painting.

9. Use primer

Before painting one should follow the procedure of applying primer coating first, sand, then apply the color coats but this procedure has been done with by the new technology where manufactures have produced new products that combine both the paints and the primer. Though it’s very costly, it is similar to buying a primer and the paint separately.

10. Add Grit

Some painted surfaces like floors can become too smooth when painted with paint alone. It’s an advisable to add a bit of grit; fine sand to the paint so as to improve its texture. You can use play sand or additives that are produce to improve the texture.


Most Popular Types Of Pool Fencing

Having a pool in the backyard is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. It is also a great way to keep the kids busy during summer vacation and to get some exercise. When you have a pool, it is a good idea to fence it in. Not only will a fence provide privacy, but it will also keep people out of the pool that should not be in it. When it comes to pool fencing, there are a few types that you can install.

Ornamental Aluminum Fencing

flower hanging on a residential fenceThis is an excellent type of fence for someone who is more concerned with appearance and security, and less concerned with privacy. It is a very durable fence with an elegant appearance. This type of fencing resembles wrought iron fencing, however, it is much more lightweight and does not need to be painted. It is coated with a dry powder, that does not need a solvent to hold to the metal. When it comes to ornamental aluminum fencing, the panels often come in six foot sections, that have individual bottom and top rails. The advantages of this fence are that it is very durable and it requires very low maintenance.

PVC Fencing

PVC is a very common material for pool fences. There are two major types of PVC fencing, a standard fence, which is often 45″ to 54″ tall. The standard fence has either solid slats or spaced pickets. You can also have a PVC privacy fence installed. These fences are 6′ to 7′ tall, and the slats are butted together to provide privacy. The benefits of this type of fencing are that it is a great privacy fence, requires very little maintenance, it comes in many solid and picketed styles, and different styles can be adapted. Some people find that there are also a few disadvantages of this type of fencing. Over time, the gates can sag. Also, mildew can form on the fence in shady, wet areas.

Wood Fencing

Wood has been a popular building material for hundreds of years. It is also an excellent option for fencing around a pool. Over the years, people have been trading in their wood fencing for PVC and aluminum due to the low maintenance benefits. However, many people are still making wood their go-to material when it comes to pool fencing.
One of the advantages of this fencing is that the size and style can be completely customizable. Also, they are less expensive than the other fencing materials, and they can be stained or painted to fit in with the homeowner’s individual style. The disadvantages of this fence are that wood fencing requires more maintenance than most, and they can warp over time.

Having pool fencing in Perth WA is important. In some areas, it is the law that you must have a fence around your pool. Before a homeowner installs a fence around their pool, they should review the advantages and the disadvantages of each fencing material.

I could not resist sharing this video with you guys (probably one of the worst promotional video ever found on Youtube)

Renovating? Plan Ahead and Hire a Bin for your Waste

A skip or dumpster is an enormous open-topped waste holder intended for stacking onto a specialized truck. Rather than being discharged into a dump truck on location, a skip is supplanted by an unfilled skip, and after that tipped at a landfill.

Dumping waste from a binNormally skip bins have a particular shape: the longitudinal cross-area of the skip bin is either a trapezoid or two stacked trapezoids. The lower trapezoid has the littler edge at the base of the skip bin, and a more drawn out edge at the top. Where there is an upper trapezoid, it has the littler edge at the top. At either end of the skip bin, there is a slanting floor or divider. There are normally two carries at the closures of the bin onto which chains can be connected, allowing the overwhelming skip bin to be lifted onto and off a lorry. An uncommon skip-conveying lorry or crane is utilized.

Perth skip bin hire services are usually used to hold open-topped heaps of construction and renovation waste or other waste and litter sorts. The trash may come from a building, remodel, or demolition site. Building supplies can be conveyed to a site in a skip that is later used to evacuate waste. Skips are utilized additionally for different clearing out occupations that need much material to be taken away, and at production lines delivering huge amounts of scrap metal. The material in the skip may be taken to a landfill, reused or recuperated/discarded in some other way.

Many people nowadays generally disregard the measure of the waste they make when doing home remodeling. Indeed, even little home upgrades regularly oblige some skip bin to deal with the debris of your renovation endeavors. These days there are a lot of trustworthy waste management organizations from which you can enlist a skip bin. Locate the most trustworthy ones in your general vicinity and get in touch with them and request a quotation. You will find that leasing a skip bin for your waste is an ideal approach to decrease the anxiety of whatever task you have attempted.

Bin hire companyIf you top off the skip bin the organization where you leased it from ought to have the capacity to come, discard the waste and bring back vacant skip bin. That is why you should ensure you lease a skip bin from an organization that does that sort of thing. Where this sort of arrangement was not covered in the original cost of leasing the skip bin, you will be charged additionally for the emptying service.

When you take your waste items to the dump, they usually stay piled up in landfills for a long period. A large portion of the things that end up setting off to the dump can be recycled. Skip bin organizations work with recycling and reusing centers, and will make the proper strides with the majority of your undesirable things. This implies that if it can be recycled, it will be taken to the correct recycling plant. You don’t even need to isolate the recyclable items. This will be done for you.

These are just some of the advantages of using skip bin hire companies for the waste products of your remodeling project. Many bin sizes are often available depending on your project and needs. There are many more, and they all make the relatively expensive investment worthwhile.

If you are a business that cares about the environment, make sure you follow this website as it is a great ressource.

How to pick a local plumber

If you come up with a plumbing issue in your home, you will have to find a plumber in your area to get it fixed with less hassle. If you go through the internet, you will be able to see dozens of plumbers in your local area. All these plumbers are not in a position to deliver quality work for you at an affordable price. Therefore, it is important for you to have a good knowledge in how to pick a local plumber.

Plubing apprentice in actionMouth recommendations can be considered as an ideal way to find a local plumber with less hassle. There must be some neighbors who have taken the assistance of a plumber, so you can talk with them to find a good plumber. If they had a pleasant experience with a particular worker, they would recommend that plumber to you, and you will get the opportunity to complete your job in a perfect way.
If you do not have a neighbor with a plumbing experience, you can check for some reviews on the Internet. It will be a useless thing to call a distant friend and ask to recommend a good local plumber. Obviously they will not have any experience with a local plumber in your area.

The internet consists of valuable information so that you can find some reviews about a plumber in your area. You can read some customer testimonials to get an idea about the quality of a particular worker. A good review will have almost all the information that you should know about a plumber. You can read some reviews from different websites and compare them to find the best plumber in your area.

It is better to create a shortlist before selecting a plumber. If you make the wrong decision, all your efforts will be in vein.

tools to perform the jobTherefore, you should pick at least three local plumbers in your area and read reviews about them. You can also ask quotes from those plumbers and compare them along with the reviews. This will assist you to find the best plumber, which offers a quality service at an affordable price. After selecting the plumber, you must check whether the plumber is fully registered. This will assist you to make a guarantee about the work of the plumber.
Finding a good plumber in your local area will not be an easy task. Spending some time to select a good worker can be considered as a great investment done for the future. The effectiveness of above methods is guaranteed, and you will be able to find the ideal plumber without any issues.

How Commercial Gutters can protect your place from rain?

rainy days in WAFlooded basements, water leaking from the downpipes and water dropping through your walls are the results of weak rain systems. They have the ability to cause thousands of dollars’ worth damage to your home or your business place. Water can damage the windows, doors, siding and the foundation of your house. If you get the service from a professional guttering supplier to install the system, you can manage the work in an efficient way and replace your gutters or remove them from your building. Therefore, you need to select a reputed commercial supplier to get rid of the hassle.

Roofing professionals have plenty of knowledge and experience in helping the people with their gutter needs. All their solutions are customizable according to the shape of your building. This flexibility always impresses the customers, and that can be considered as the primary reason for their growing popularity. They offer commercial gutters not only to give the protection for your building during the rainy season but also to make sure that it is protected in the right way. During the winter season, snow can get accumulated in your pipes, and it can do significant damage to the roof. The roof gutters available on the market are filled with innovation, and they will eliminate snow or even leaves in a convenient way.

roof protectionThey can think about their requirements and select the best type for your house. If you do not have experience and knowledge to choose the type of gutter for your home, they will examine your building and recommend the best type to suit you. The installation method will differ according to the shape and the surrounding of your building. The experts in Commercial Gutters will use their knowledge to find the perfect plan to install rain gutters in your place.

There are many office buildings that try to make their designs more futuristic. That means that they can move away from the traditional down pipes and install a unique guttering system to the building. It will enhance their visibility and will give a good chance to stand above the competitors. A reputed roof contractor will listen to your needs carefully and will implement the necessary strategies to install the systems in the way you want. From the researches, it has been identified that many business owners tend to purchase aluminum gutters because of their cheap price and durability. Most of the suppliers and installers in Perth offer aluminum gutters in different colors and shapes for your convenience.

Check out the easy flow guttering system here

5 Reasons You Should Install a Metal Roof for Your Home?

Metal roofing is quite popular in Australia because of it is a strong and durable option.
Metallic materials provide excellent results in the construction of south west metal roofing for the Western Australian housing market.
Steel, copper, and zinc are the metals most commonly used for this type of roofing job that ensure a good protection against harsh weather by taking into account their handicaps to be able to optimize the results and support heavy rains.

The advantages of the use of metal roofs

A light structure

metal roofing contractor in actionThe light weight structures that contributes to a home construction is a big advantage when having a metal roof. This makes it fit on roofs of large width, where the reducing stress on the structure is essential. Roofs made of copper or zinc are used in the building of warehouses, swimming pools and stadiums.

A metal roof does not need steep slopes

When required an inaccessible roof but gentle slope, the most suitable be the placement of metal sheets. With 15% earrings for example the same results as with a gradient of 35% for French or curved tile, are achieved.

Easy to Build

Another advantage is the ease of implementation of a metallic covering, in addition to cleaning.

Moreover, roof building systems that make even easier installation. Covers type panels are made with three layers: the top sheet metal cover, insulation in the middle that can be polyurethane foam, and another inner plate. A lightweight and cost-effective solution for your house.

Use in modern architecture

Metal is a malleable material. The malleability of metals opens up new possibilities for use in construction. Freedom to make various shapes, due to the great variability of aspects and colors allows its use in modern court building. Back was the idea sheets only served as decks of ships.

Characteristics of metal roofs in the South West

In addition to being esthetically pleasant, a metal roof ensures mechanical resistance, durability, water tightness and fire resistance. From the thermal point of view, it does not have a good behavior since it is a transmitter element of the heat, but with proper insulation, excellent results are obtained.

A metal roof is an excellent option for the architecture of today. To know more, please visit this page

Why Bi-Fold Doors are made for Your Home

Before renovating a house, you should select the type of doors or windows that you will put in your home. Here you will have to take into account certain functional and aesthetic aspects to make the best possible interior decoration: System opening, typology, design…

Installation of bi-fold doorsIn today’s post I’ll talk about bi-fold doors in Perth WA: these are very useful when the area that needs the gate to open is insufficient, for example in corridors and small baths. They are also very interesting when it comes to decorating large spaces, especially if they are high, by the majestic touch to stay where they are.

Bifold systems present more options than sliding doors

Bifold doors are alternatives to the sliding doors of the cabinets or that separate rooms. These doors have a center hinge, so you can bend them to open them or close them. Hang them is a simple procedure that involves placing the axes on the top and bottom rails of the door correctly. Once you have installed doors, you can adjust them to the height that you want in the frame.

The main advantages of bifold doors are that they are one of the best solutions to optimize space and also to separate rooms at certain times that you do not want everything open. On this floor, in particular, seems to have chosen in favour of the conventional sliding doors for aesthetic reasons, to take advantage of the space, there is place enough for regular doors. Probably double sliding door from the living room (for work, hidden inside the wall), gave them the idea for the other two of glass that are placed with rails in the ceiling.

With the great invention of the bi-fold systems for doors we will help you both to decorate your floor with multiple choices of colors and shapes materials and save some space to hide the door on the wall instead of dampening the room.

There are both internal and external bi-fold doors available in the WA market.

The external option is the most easy-to-install only that place the guide on the outside wall next to the door, so we avoid us works, as counterpoint has we can put anything on the wall under the guidance since it is a hollow reserved for sliding doors.

The other option, recessed is more aesthetic and can use the walls through which passes the door since it goes inside, the downside is having to get into work.

Two options then choose various types of design such as:

-A single door that slides.

-Two doors opens in the same guide but opposite directions so when they close are facing each other.

-Parallel doors, open and close in the same direction and sense but one reaches halfway and the other closes completely the hole in the door.

-Contiguous, are two independent doors that open to opposing spaces ranging in the guide.

Once the opening and closing method are chosen for our door we have to choose the material and color, in terms of materials we have various options, both glass and glass with wood PVC aluminum frame, rustic of plasterboard. There are also a lot of bifold doors sizes available on the market.

If you want to know more on these products make sure you visit a bi-fold door supplier such as Perth Window Replacement Company

Home improvement: how to decorate a House

Decorate your home like a pro

When it comes to decorating your home you start to face several questions, such as the amount of money to perform your decorations, the style you want for your home, and the tools necessary to meet all what you want for your home. Getting the right tools and techniques will help you how to decorate your house and be you own your home designer.
It is important to have a clear idea of what you want to transmit to your home. Remember that the house is a reflection of its occupants and is of great importance that your home be designed under your tastes that will make your home a pleasant and unique space.
Once you have this first step, clear next thing is to learn the style you want, it is necessary that you seek aid at journals.


decorate your homeColor is the primary element to change your house, this changes the perspective and the style of your house, if the space in which you live is reduced white will do the job of expanding space. Making your house looks larger, combined with the location of base units with a good angle of location. If you want to add modernism to your home must learn to combine the strong and active colors with neutral colors, but if you want to be always fashionable white and cream will meet your expectations.


Furniture come in a wide variety of design and models, you can now combine low modern designs with curves closed with bright or neutral colors together. With modern chairs with flexible and durable materials at the same time, the crooks of both lines combine, and decoration works harmoniously as a whole.


Carpets give a touch of elegance to your home, you have different purposes, some use it as tools of drying or others use it as decoration. If you prefer you can combine them, carpets are always used in conversation at an elegant table. Don’t forget to mix colors all the decoration is part of a whole and you must learn to give harmony to every area of use your favorite collection, animals, vases, personalities.

Frames and Mirrors

After acquiring sufficient information about your decoration, you must attach your original and unique touch. You can hang pictures and frames that reflect the personality of your home. It is important to chose the right location of the pictures and frames since they must be proportional to the space in which they are found. The location of the mirror should be reflected in the most beautiful visual details it, so it reflects beauty of the surroundings.

Home Security for your Windows

Updated 05/04/2016: Doors and Windows

When you decide to change your windows or buy new joinery, in addition to performance, you should think about the safety involved in the process. For a house or an apartment on ground floor, all openings are sensitive points that can be forced by any dodgy person willing to access your belongings.

Windows security is often overlooked, as it represents one of the most important points on safety in your home.

This is why, when you buy windows, ask what is the level of security of these. You can also add an extra layer of security with security screens in Perth for doors and windows.

Security for your Windows

Security for your Windows in crucial!

Safety standard certified, the window is fitted on the leaf of a special bracket with the locking handle. A special glazing resistant class improves security. The window also lays with dowels or screws.
By choosing to install windows and balcony or terrace burglar resistant doors complying with the standard of certified strength class, you’ll enjoy a very high protection against burglary.

In addition to being resistant to the pressure and shock, the window cannot be opened by simple mechanical handling (for example with a wedge, pliers or a screwdriver).

When strength classes are not certified, no safety mark is affixed.

Make sure you look for the following on your products!

The burglary glazing

The time of resistance of glazing during a break-in varies according to its quality:

Single and double glazing: about 30 seconds
double-glazed laminated: 3 minutes
double-glazed defaulting of tampering: 6 minutes

residential doors

residential doors are often not secured enough

It is recommended to equip at least laminated glazing in order to deter potential burglars and if you can, be equipped with an anti breaking glass. To properly protect an opening, the burglar-proof glazing is part of an approach of safety and protection that must be global. It can include the Security window, window alarm and possibly a grid.

A burglary glazing aims to resist attempts to break the glass. Therefore, you should also check the hardware of your window that must be optimized burglary also. When talking about equipment, refers to all elements enabling the opening and the closing of a window: hinges, screws, nails…

This can add optional systems to enhance the security of the closure

Strike anti-being: System preventing out the window off its hinges from the outside;
lock and allow to leave the window ajar while preventing its full opening;
Grid security…

Finally, to ensure additional protection, think about the components of the security products you are buying!

To find more on the topic and increase your security in WA through window security screens visit Facebook or Twitter

Watch this quick video to know more about home security products:

Now it is your turn to make sure you are fully protected from intruders!

Writing for the web: balance SEO and user experience

Writing for the web: balance SEO and user experience

How to properly write for the web?

Writing professional blog or business website content requires taking account of different online-specific parameters: as ergonomics (comfort of reading), the rules of search engine optimization, or the choice of keywords and link management.

Here are a few best practices to get started in web writing.

Define an editorial line, plan, put in place a watch the results

This step depends on a number of methods for writing that will be put in place for the creation of content (ex: lots of articles)

It is, therefore, necessary for advance of:

editorial lineSet and keep in mind the profile type drive to which it applies (social category, age, interest, connoisseur of the subject.)
Adopt a style / tone accordingly (informative, polemic, entertaining.)
Define the frequency of publications: it is better to publish content every day, several content far and away (for SEO, but also to retain the player)
Select his subjects in advance and report on an editorial planning
Set up a watch system on the topic that interests you: Google Alerts, subscriptions to RSS feeds of reference sites, Google search trends. For more efficiency, you can gather all of your sleep by using certain tools, such as Netvibes for example.

Web writing: constraints of SEO and ergonomics

The importance of the title and the hook
The title is the hook or the gateways to articles and must, therefore, be considered as priorities in terms of writing.

seoThey contain the keywords that reflect the content of the article and are based on several factors of SEO: as the motions likely to be typed by users on a search engine, to access the content.
The title of an article
The title refers here to the tag, in the HTML language, corresponding to the title of the first level (there 6), the most important for SEO.

Here are some rules simple and tricks regarding the choice of titles

The title must be short as far as possible (70 characters; seven words)
It must be an incentive: with the keywords in mind. Note: this is important for subscribers to the RSS feed for your website
The title is not necessarily exhaustive (the essential message will appear in the grip)
He made (if possible) economy of the words without added value from the point of view of SEO: blogs, adverb, jargon and acronyms.
The use of the colon is an effective tip to cut a title, and shorten the corresponding URL. An example here
Rework the title last, once the article written entirely

The strapline of an article

The hook is the introductory text for section located below the title, and that includes the essential message of the article.

It must, therefore, be:

Different title: it does not repeat information in the title but complements them
Short: usually two or three lines
It should contain relevant keywords for article referencing, placed in the first third of the sentence
Like the title, it is better to write the last hook

The text

It is preferable to opt for cutting in several short paragraphs, to provide a better reading comfort.

A block of text too picked up may immediately discourage reading, thus raising the bounce rate (percentage of Internet users entered on a web page and leaving the site just after).

Note: If you have an HTML Editor (ex: this different CMS like WordPress), it is very interesting to integrate headings includes keywords for:

create breaths in the text

Add keywords to improve SEO and facilitate the work of exploration of the crawlers.

Inserting images can also be an element of fixation of the attention of the reader. In this case, they must bring real added value to the text. The ideal is to focus on the images in relation to the context, contrast and easy to interpret.

Avoid the copy – paste of content

Since the recent updates to the Google algorithm (Panda), web sites containing content duplicate (copy – paste) other other websites can be heavily penalised in terms of SEO.

We recommend you read Moz’s best practices regarding duplicate content

What Does A Business Coach Can Do For My Business?

The response of the business Coach is as follows: nothing. If you have built a successful business then you are undoubtedly an expert in your area. However, what I can do is give you a perspective on what I can do for you, work with you to soak up my knowledge and experience gained from working with hundreds of WA businesses. The knowledge of what is what has truly worked with them, as well as a way of thinking of your business that will change the way that perceive things and make you achieve your full potential.

Learn how to be successfulIf we continue with analogies, let’s take the example of sports, I can tell you that David Beckham is very talented as a Soccer Player. However, was his talent that made him so successful? Almost certain, but it was also Alex Ferguson, his coach, who acknowledged his potential capacity, given the knowledge to take advantage of it and had the ability to maximize his talent.

It is precisely the same for your business regardless of your industry. Many business owners in Perth have managed to have a successful business if same, but the question is, what is their potential and that of their company?
As a coach I do not interview, my work has nothing to do with the consulting. Nor do the job for you.

I will show you how to understand and get your full potential by giving you the knowledge, tools, insight, motivation. The challenge to take you and your business to the next level, and finally be able to enjoy the financial benefits and the lifestyle that will come with the results.

So how I will achieve that? Analyzing the three most important areas of your business where most of the challenges are : time, equipment and money.

get the right business coach in Perth WADo you work harder than anyone in your business? Perth Business coaches have the definition of what should be a business: “A profitable trading company that works without you”. The key is the last sentence, which operate without you. If you are the most important asset that keeps everything together, then you do not have a business, you have is a job. As a Perth WA Business Coach I can help you get out of your work and give back your business.

To be able to give back your time, you need to have a team. Great teams are not alone. We can work on recruitment, training and motivation of the team. Once your computer work, your business can operate without you.

It is the most important reason and why the majority of customers are supervised by a coach such as Suzzanne Laidlaw. Work on building the profits of the business, is often the first thing that I focus when I work with a new client. We have 344 efficient strategies tested, which will help to trigger the growth of your potential.

What are you waiting for? To learn more about Suzzanne and for business advice in Perth visit her website

Arts and Crafts: Many Tradies with Unique Know-How

Ceramicist, bookbinder, … Arts and crafts are characterized by a great variety of domains. Subject to competition, many small craft enterprises must find “niches” to exist.
Program: excellence and motivation.

Of the arts and crafts to Art, workshops for SMEs…

Most arts and small trade enterprises are SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). They coexist with all small workshops or factories. The majority is concentrated in New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria.

This small area brings together various status: craftsmen, businessmen, employees, a few artists and rare officials. They work often alone or in family. Opportunities vary according to the activities. Some local tradesmen are struggling to find any buyers.

Areas recruit, such as building (stonemason, sculptor, engraver, Carver…) and furniture (joiner in seats, turners, upholsterer, gilder-framer…), while others, such as the textile, suffer from competition from countries where labour is cheap.

Combining tradition and innovation

There are 278 crafts across 22 sectors. Some are known to the general public (cabinetmaker, jeweler); others, much less (screen-printed, Glover). Their common point? Expertise unmatched to transform material and producing objects (unique pieces, small series) of an artistic character.

In terms of workforce, woodworking and jewelry are at the top, followed by textiles, stone, graphic arts, leather and Earthmovers. There, in smaller numbers, bookbinders and glass blowers. 80 000 people are the hard core of the trade sector in Australia.

Whatever the activity, the tradition must combine with innovation. These professionals work for the preservation and restoration of heritage, providing their know-how to the museums and historical monuments. The craftsmen are also working in the field of the creation in connection with individuals, decorators or designers.

Training for tradie jobs

More than 1 000 institutions allow to form one of the tradesmen of tomorrow, including professional schools and internships.

In craftsmanship, there are 80 certificate of professional competence certificates to acquire the gestures of the trade industry.

Apprenticeship courses are very popular and training continues in professional practice on the side of more experienced craftsmen.

Some industries are even facing a shortage of workforce

Marketing Consultancy: 4 Marketing tools to promote your web 2.0 business!

The Web 2.0 community Web means sites allowing users to interact with each other. For example by creating content (Blogs…), speaking (Podcast…), or simply sharing their content and finds (Digg like, social networks…).

Major Web 2.0 sites are YouTube, Dailymotion or Facebook, they allow all three to share content with other users. Marketing 2.0 is to use Web 2.0 in the context of promoting something (brand, product). All this by using current media such as videos, text, sound in the sites said Web 2.0.

Tool # 1: blogging.

Blogs also formed a great gateway for any pub said Marketing 2.0, allowing to collect the opinion of a whole community. Blogs make up what we call the blogosphere, it consists of all blogs, a kind of links between them. Information can move very quickly from one blog to another. It is one of the many advantages of blogs that are usable and creable by anyone.

Tool # 2 viral videos.

Videos have become one of the major current web 2.0 media allowing to convey an emotion with a message. Note the last clip of Justice (Stress). This video at is controversial, and was included on many blog. A huge buzz for a ‘little’ known group of the French Web and that is find headlining.

Tool # 3: Podcasts.

The Podcast are little used nowadays, enterprises preferring video. Indeed it is almost as easy to make a video as a podcast, or the video offers a stronger impact and very large means of dissemination.

Tool # 4: the Advergame:

The Advergame means advertising video games, these are still little used but wish to democratize. The future is can be in the Advergame, people are players and games allow the dissemination and storage of clear messages in the users head. These are playable through many networks.

You will understand, a good web 2.0 ad starts with the use of current media and broadcast mass on social networks.

Entrepreneurship: A Few Tips for Success

David Brookes, Social Traders Managing Director, decrypts the traps that the entrepreneurs should avoid.

David Brookes, : “having an idea, as good as it can be, is not enough.”

Is it more important to first choose the tax business and legal status or to build a business plan?
Candidates for the creation of new companies arise from multiple questions. David Brookes, Social Traders Managing Director, recommends a very rational approach.

1. The person who starts for the first time in the adventure of creation must have first moved to the site of the Agency for business creation. It will find all the necessary tips and the steps to follow. It can tap into the Toolbox which is put at its disposal, and then he must turn to the networks of support.

2. If it is much easier to set up your business in Australia, the new entrepreneur must realise a huge work upstream of the creation of his company to put all chances on his side. Having an idea, also excellent as, is not enough. Make sure that the company is a specific market, it will have customers. It is essential to think about the viability of his project in detail. More contractor spends time thinking about his project, more he gives himself the chance to see his company develop harmoniously.

3. Do not focus on secondary subjects. The tax of the company and legal status is not the first topic to address. We always find a formula adapted to its needs when one has understood its objectives and needs.

4. The initial investment can be modest or important. What is important is that funding should be in relation to the needs of the project.

5. Do not persisting. It must not move too fast. Take the time to evaluate, test. If an idea does not find its market, it should know stop the project and give up. This advice may seem paradoxical because a contractor is a man who knows shoving the obstacles and to be certainties. But it must also be able to understand when it’s wrong. However, a Council should not conceal another: perseverance, tenacity are powerful engines of the contractor. Do not get discouraged and overcome obstacles one by one.

6. The new entrepreneur must not remain alone in his corner. It should not be isolated. It must be accompanied. It is sometimes necessary to protect his idea, but he must also learn to trust, to reflect with others. Whether it’s friends or professionals. Many networks are able to advice to help solve a problem, to build a case of financing or face a difficult period. Qualify for free trade, financial advice, legal, tax of experienced business leaders is an asset. There is indeed an amazing solidarity among entrepreneurs. Many of them willingly put their know-how at the service of those in need. The advice provided by the networks of support and sales and law professionals are very effective to support project promoters.

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Talent shortage: Where are the skilled workers?

One out of four Australian employers have difficulty finding qualified personnel, against one in three for the last year. Tensions on the labor market persist… even if employers seem to care less, says the latest survey done by the Governement.

skilled workers in AustraliaOne in four employers in Australia and in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) has difficulty meeting its vacancies, against one in three in the world, yet concludes the Australian trade minister. New fact Employers seem to get used to living with these chronic shortages of talent, seeking short-term solutions.

The figures speak for themselves: 34% surveyed in January by the poll have difficulty finding qualified staff, an amount which remains unchanged from last year. The results of the survey show that the talent crisis is stronger in Western Australia (45%) and Northern Territory (41%) than in the NSW region (25%).

This seem to be a worldwide trend as overall, the most affected countries in the world are Japan (81%), Brazil (71%), Bulgaria (51%), Australia (50%), the US (49%) and India (48%). In Europe, employers must also face the problem whether in Germany (42%), Poland (37%), France (29%) and to a lesser extent in Italy (14%), the UK (11%) in Spain (9%) and the Netherlands (7%).

Australia improves its position in the world ranking

At Australian level, our country is in 11th place out of 21. However, 27% of the 750 employers surveyed by the HR specialist does not find the profiles they want, when they were 36% to complain about the last year. The reasons given by employers? Lack of available candidates (43%), lack of experience (27%), lack of skills (15%).

Recruitment difficulties are more pronounced in WA, where 32% of employers do not find the profiles, a figure significantly higher than their colleagues in NT(25%) and South Australia (24%).

Skilled workers in mind the critical functions

aussie workersAs in 2010, skilled workers (welders, electricians, masons, etc.) come as no surprise to the 1st place ranking in Australia, to engineers and technicians (maintenance, production, etc.). Then there are the unskilled workers, assistant (s) (conductors) and the administrative staff.

Engineers are appearing in the 2014 ranking. “This is not surprising when you consider that a lot of young people are moving to the engineering studies and the final year students are the subject of desire for recruiters, “said a government official.

Doctors and health care professionals are entering the 6th place, nurse (s) down to 8th place. This is typical of this sector due to the aging population and increased life expectancy.

Other newcomers: Machine drivers (9th) and commercial profiles (10th), traditionally difficult to find workforce.” Drivers (truck or forklift) down to 7th place (last year they were in 4th position).

However, the IT staff and the accounting and financial staff are no longer included in the list in 2012, where they were respectively the 7th and 9th places in 2011.